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Mark is an accomplished, successful photographer with over 25 years of experience under his belt. Mark has run several photography businesses including real estate and aerial photography in the Sunshine Coast of QLD and wedding and child portraiture in Adelaide and rural SA.

Mark has also worked as a sports photographer.

He has been a long standing member of the AIPP and APP and won several awards from these organizations.

Not enough? Mark is also very knowledgeable in the field of fine vintage, manual focus lenses adapted to digital sensors for unique imagery.



Matteo was born in Italy and has been living in Australia since 2003.

Matteo's prior work includes 3 years in the IT industry, 4 years in mining exploration, and more recently, 10 years with a large Australian oil and gas company. Matteo has now decided to leave the mining and oil industry and concentrate only on his passion – photography.

His field of expertise and interests lie particularly in street photography and film.

In less than two years, Matteo shot over 300 rolls of film and is an avid researcher of different film types, experimental and alternative development techniques, and street photography techniques.